Usually, when a man and woman find out they’re gonna be parents whether it’s for the first time or not, they’re initial instinctive feeling is to pour their whole heart and soul into this precious being and teach them how to live in this crazy world that we adults call “life”. Raising children isn’t to be taken lightly because may I remind you, you are raising the next generation of leaders for this world so pour into them all of your wisdom, time and attention (yes, including the money in your pocket because whether you believe it or not you’re investing in your children in multiple ways). Kids are expensive, huh? Yeah I know, trust. I was a substitute teacher for 3 years and recently a daycare teacher less than 6 months ago so even though I don’t have kids of my own just yet, I know a little something about raising children.

In today’s society, people are so quick to judge women for being single mothers and call them petty baby mamas or greedy because all they want is money, WELL NEWSFLASH PEOPLE…

NOT EVERY WOMAN IS LIKE THIS. Yes, there are some women out here who get with dudes just to get the kid for a paycheck because they too lazy to go out and work for to provide for themselves so they assume child support is an easy way to have long-term passive income but that's not the case all the time. Most women (Also some men as well) here in America who are single mothers work several jobs to provide for their children and for that I salute them for it because it takes true courage and strength to raise a kid on your own with or without family support. I recently read an article from the Pew Research Center that says about 23% of American children under the age of 18 live with one parent and the rate is getting higher due to declining marriages and births out of wedlock. I can say that I’m a product of a failed marriage and I’ll tell you more about it soon but first, we're gonna take a quick break, take a look at these funny memes. :) :) :)

I chose this video because for one it’s hilarious and two it’s super relatable to all the parents out there (Yes it’s mainly dedicated to mothers but I couldn’t find a short video for parents in general ). In the video, it shows how an Instagram mom successfully holding her child while putting her trunk down with her foot while in the reality video it shows a normal mom doing a good attempt at the same thing but doesn’t succeed so I just thought it would add a funny touch to this article.

Ok, we’re back, so I’m so glad you enjoyed laughing at these funny memes. I thought it might lighten up the mood a bit on this topic but now it’s a little storytime moment.

So like I said prior to the break, I was a product of a failed marriage… well, not only that but I was conceived out of wedlock and my parents got married one month before I was born. My mom was the main one who raised me while my dad was barely around to even do his job as a dad and they divorced when i was about 2 years old. There’s a lot of times where I blamed myself for my dad leaving but my mom constantly told me it wasn’t my fault. As I grew older and started dating, I was in multiple abusive relationships and I always dating the wrong kind of guy. Now I can truly say after being 4 years solidly single, I’m finally with the man I need to be with and consequently enough, he’s a single father to a now 8-year-old little girl and I often get asked the same question:


And honestly, I say the same answer over and over, I'm fine with it because I took it as a package when I made that decision to date him. When you date a single dad, you get to know their child as well (Remember that ladies!!!). During my time of getting to know my boyfriend and his family dynamic, I learned more about myself and became a more positive person. Even though some friends and family disagreeing with me dating him because he’s a single father and they make accusations stating he’s probably a deadbeat or he’s using me for some reason (Which isn’t true by the way), I stuck by my choice to date him because I love how he’s a positive influence on my life and it helps a lot that my mom loves him (HUGE PLUS!!!),even though we're in a long-distance relationship, we make it apoint to communicate quite often and check in on each other which is a wonderful foundation for any relationship. My boyfriend was raised by two parents and he had a great relationship with his dad before he tragically passed away from cancer a few years ago, that made me envy him in that aspect because I never had a great connection with my dad because my dad simply chooses to not step up to the plate to have a good father-daughter relationship with me which is sad but we do talk every now and then but I’ve learned to not be so bummed out about it and I prayed to God and moved on with my life.

That's my story and my take on parenting in the U.S.

I hope people relate to it, Thanks for reading guys :)

Hi, my name is Taeja and I'm from San Antonio,TX. I loved writing since i was a kid and I decided to go for it.